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 CPC Lianjiang Municipal Committee and Lianjiang Government pay much attention to investment promotion and then set up a leading group aiming at building …
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Main Industrial Zones

1. Shunde (Lianjiang) Industrial Transfer Park of Foshan
Shunde (Lianjiang) Industrial Transposition Park of Foshan (hereinafter referred to as the Industrial Park), developed by Lianjiang Municipal People's Government and Shunde People's Government of Foshan, was authenticated by the provincial government on February 13, 2007. It was the first industrial transposition park in Zhanjiang district. To better undertake the transfer of industries, Lianjiang based on the strategy of "One Park with Three Areas", integrates the Provincial Lianjiang Economic Development Zone and the two extension areas (Jishui and Shiling) into the Industrial Park. With a planned area of 30 square kilometers, the Industrial Park will be built into a provincial model industrial park. Now there are many enterprises from home and abroad entering the industrial park and making investment.

2. Lianjiang Economic Development Zone of Guangdong
Lianjiang Economic Development Zone lies in the Jiuzhou River area, 4.5 kilometers west of the city, covering a total area of 8.3 square kilometers. It was established in May 1992, and was authenticated as provincial level economic development zone by People’s Government of Guangdong Province in January 1996. Now there are 123 enterprises, which can offer more than 30 thousand jobs. In November 2005, the zone was certificated by Guangdong Province as "Demonstration Zone of Industrial Clusters of Small Household Appliances Upgrading in Guangdong Province" and the "Torch Plan of Guangdong Province - Intelligent Energy-saving Rice Cooker Industry Base". In December 2010, it was certificated by Guangdong Province as "Making Business Base of Small Business in Guangdong Province”.

3. Jinshan Industrial Zone

Jinshan Industrial Zone is located by the G325 national highway, crossing Hengshan Town and Yingzi Town, covering a planned area of 25 square kilometers. It focuses on the development of iron and steel, equipment manufacturing, appliances, wood products, furniture, daily hardware, paper manufacturing and feed processing industry; and it strives to become the largest furniture production and processing base in Zhanjiang. In addition, it focuses on building the manufacturing section in energy and heavy industry base, the Beibuwan Seafood Breeding and Processing Base, and feed processing industry base. Jinshan Industrial District actively undertakes the transfer of industries from developed areas, mainly supports Iron and Steel Base in Zhanjiang. With iron and steel supporting industries and advanced manufacturing being the pillar industries, the district introduces some high-tech and profitable capital-and-technology-intensive enterprises to develop into an important production base of export-oriented manufacturing in western Guangdong.

4. Liangdong Industrial Zone

Liangdong Industrial Zone is located south of the Liangdong Town, next to G207 national highway and S286 provincial highway (Lian Po line). With a planned area of 20 square kilometers, the zone is based on the agricultural production, with significant development in deep processing of agricultural products and vigorous development in leather goods, logistics, automotive, machinery, electrical appliances, ceramics and building materials and so on. By the traffic advantage, the district actively undertakes the transfer of industries from developed areas, supporting the construction of the National Petroleum Reserve and Iron and Steel Base in Zhanjiang, aiming to turn into an important manufacturing base in Lianjiang.

5. Longtousha Marine Industrial Zone

Longtousha Marine Industry Zone is based on Cheban Peninsula in Cheban Town and the coastal towns (including Cheban Town and Yingzi Town), covering a planned area of 15 square kilometers. Within the coastline area, it emphasizes on developing coastal port industry, including electric power energy, iron and steel for the heavy industry, chemicals, equipment manufacturing, energy construction and heavy industry supporting base. Besides that, it is developed as the manufacturing section of Beibu Gulf Seafood Breeding and Processing Base, as well as feed processing industry base. Therefore, it will be comprehensively developed to be a modern marine industry Zone.

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