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 CPC Lianjiang Municipal Committee and Lianjiang Government pay much attention to investment promotion and then set up a leading group aiming at building …
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Investment Guide

1. Circulation and Processing of Agricultural and Marine Products
With rich output of various products, Lianjiang is famous for Lianjiang Hongcheng (Red Orange). There are 500,000 mu fruit, 18,000 mu teas, 250,000 mu outbound vegetable, 1.2 million mu commercial forests and 50,000 mu shrimp cultivation.
Its agricultural products are sold worldwide. Ten agricultural production bases have opened up, including the base of Red Oranges, litchis, longans, red carambolas, bananas, tea, flowers and plants, outbound vegetables, fast-growing trees and aquaculture. The development of circulation and processing of agricultural and marine products is encouraged, in order to create a special agricultural brand with south subtropical characteristics.

2. Industry

With full categories of industries and a sound industrial foundation, Lianjiang is the largest manufacturing base for automatic rice cooker and its accessories.
We have 2 China Well-Known Trade Marks, 3 China Famous Products, 7 Guangdong Famous Products and 21 Guangdong Famous Trademarks. Seizing the opportunity of "double-shift" (industry transfer and labor transfer), we aim at establishing Lianjiang as the industrial cluster of low energy consumption, low pollution emission and with high-tech content, high added-value and strong capability of independent innovation. Therefore, we focus on the development of tourism, real estate, manufacture of appliances, furniture, pottery & porcelain and building materials, the interflow of goods and materials, the processing industry of agricultural and marine products, iron and steel base in Zhanjiang and integrated refinery and petrochemical joint venture in Guangdong Branch of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation and Kuwait Oil Company consortium.

Household Electrical Appliance Industry

In 2006, Lianjiang was granted as the Hometown of Chinese Rice Cookers by the state.
And Lianjiang is the largest production base of rice cooker and accessories, with products selling to 36 coutries and regions. Now there are 608 rice cookers’ production enterprises, with total annual production volume of more than 40 million pieces. Some enterprises take the representative of this industry, such as WEKING Group Co. Ltd, Huaqiang Holdings Limited and Xihong Group along with other manufacture enterprises of China Top Brand in electrical appliances. The government actively encourages household appliance enterprises to promote the introduction of technology and training for talents; as well as strengthens the cooperation between enterprises and universities or research institutes. Besides, the government encourages research and development to upgrade the products, and works on promoting transition from rice cooker manufacturing to modern household appliances manufacturing, aiming to build the largest manufacturing base of modern household appliances in our country.

Furniture industry

Furniture industry is also a pillar industry in Lianjiang, forming the industy culster. SuperWood Co., Ltd. and Chang Fa Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. export the products to Southeast Asia, Europe and America, which are the leading furniture enterprises with hundreds of million output value. Jinshan Industrial District is focused on developing furniture industry so as to provide a platform for the enterprises. The Furniture Industry Park led by SuperWood Co., Ltd and jointly developed with the U.S. furniture industry will create a complete industry chain, which is composed of furniture production, research, warehousing, logistic and sales, aiming to develop the furniture industry in Lianjiang and build the internationally competitive base of furniture production and processing industry.

Ceramic Industry
Lianjiang is rich in clay, the ideal raw material for ceramics, with reserves of 13.87 million tons. Among that, Hongting Ceramics (China Top Brand) from Red Star Ceramics Co.,Ltd. are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and America, which the enterprise’s output value is above 210 million RMB in 2009.Making full use of land, transportation, infrastructure, labor and other resources, the government vigorously promotes the planning construction of Hechun Ceramics Industrial Park. With the leading of Red Star Ceramics Co., Ltd., Lianjiang undertakes the transfer of ceramic enterprises and the related industries from Foshan and other cities to spur the development of ceramic related industries.

3. Modern service industry

Lianjiang actively develops the teritary industry; transforms and upgrades the characteristic and traditional service industry; establishes a modern service system featuring characteristics, high value, extensive coverage, and extensive employment. Lianjiang also vigorously builds agricultural byproducts wholesale centers, appliance exchanges, 1000 mu logistic center, building material logistic base and other commercial market, covering Pearl River Delta, Beibu Gulf District and ASEAN Countries.
The traditional trade and circulation industry is in prosperous developing, so that Lianjiang becomes an important distributing center of agriculture and industry products in western Guangdong. The infrastructure here is being improved and perfect, as well as the service facilities are available, such as financing, communication, shopping, medical care, education, insurance, entertainment, leisure and hotel.
4. Tourism
The government actively promotes the construction of scenic spots, such as nationally renowned Hedi Reservoir, provincial Mangrove Forest in Gaoqiao, “Hometown of Fruits”—Carambola Ditch, Mega Botanical Garden, Wild Lychee Trees on Xiexie Mountain, Tang Peng Bimodal Peaks. And the government motivates the development of tourism industry, by building an all-in-one “Hometown of Fruits” with production and life, ecological protection, technological research and development, tourism, entertainment, education, information logistics, as well as by building a strong leisure tourism brand image of sight-seeing, fruit enjoyment, and tea tasting.
Currently, Lianjiang is planned to build the Mega Botanical Garden with a planned area of 10,000 mu. This Mega Botanical Garden, oriented to Southern China, will have a new all-in-one tourist attraction with the tropical and subtropical plant landscape as the main set leisure, as well as tourism, education, science, entertainment and other functions, which makes the Garden a beautiful scenary in the eco-green construction among cities in western Guangdong.

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