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Measures of Lianjiang for Rewarding Investment Attractors

1. The Measures for Rewarding Investment Attractors

1.1 Rewarding Principle
1.1.1 Annual material rewards and spiritual rewards could be given to any groups or individuals which have contributed to an introduction of economic and trade project.
1.1.2 Each economic and trade project can apply for the annual rewards once only.

1.2 Reward object
The subject is the first attractor with confirmation of an economic and trade project in Lianjiang. An investment attractor may be a natural person, an organization or a team of natural persons or organizations. When the attractors are a team of natural persons or organizations, the first attractor is determined by the agreement of all. In principle, the natural person or organization who introduces the project into Lianjiang is the first attractor. 

2.Rewarding Conditions

2.1 The following items can apply for the rewards:
The economic and trade project which has developed, operated and paid tax in Lianjiang, including the industry, the processing industry of agricultural and marine products, tourist service and the interflow of goods and materials.  

2.2 The following items shall be excluded from the rewarding system:
1. The funds granted by the higher authority at request or supporting, special funds or subsidies granted by the higher competent department.
2.The electricity companies, post departments, mobile telecoms, oil firms, petrochemical firms, state-owned banks and warehouses under the direct management of the central or provincial government investing in Lianjiang due to business expansion; the infrastructures such as roads or bridges planned and constructed by national, provincial or municipal transport departments.
3. The projects of real estate.

2.3 The project applying for the rewards must meet the following requirements:
1. The project is in line with the state or provincial requirements of government policy and environment protection; it’s not the outdated or limited project, as well as having gone through all the legal procedures.
2. The actually contributed external fund introduced by the project is 10 million RMB and above. Foreign currency should be converted into RMB at the exchange rate of the day when it is contributed.
3. The enterprise of the project having invested and obtained business license in Lianjiang.
4. The enterprise of the project having obtained tax registration certificate in Lianjiang.
5. The financial capital should be 50% and above of the total investment, as well as the project should be undertaken.
6. The enterprise of the project has registered in Lianjiang Investment Promotion Bureau.
7. Not involving in any disputes.

3. The Source and Standards of Rewards
3.1 The rewarding funds come from the special funds for introducing investment in the municipal annual budget.
3.2 The attractor could be rewarded 3‰ of the actually realized amount of the external fund (based on the investment in fixed assets such as land, factory buildings and equipments). The highest reward is 1 million RMB.
3.3 The title of Model Attractor of Lianjiang will be given to contributor and the rewards name list would be announced all around Lianjiang.


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